The great Turl CC after dinner cricket quiz

IMG_1284Declaration Game readers are invited to imagine they have dined well and are settling down with a glass of wine.

Turl CC quiz-master, David Barclay, takes the chair.

The theme is English Test Cricket. Two points for a correct answer; one for a near miss; one for a bonus piece of information which either a) deepens and enhances appreciation of English Test cricket or b) contributes to team well being and general gaiety.

(Answers can be found on the quiz answers post).

Round 9 – The picture round

All of these cricketers played briefly for England in the 1980s. Name them and estimate how many Tests they played in total.




Round 8 – Commentators

The answers are all members of BBC commentary teams who have covered England matches at home or away,

1 Which lover of White Chardonnay has a home in Beaulieu-sur-Mer and blames exposure to the Provencal sun for his lips colour changing from faint puce to light lilac ?
2 Who said, when it appeared that he would be called from the commentary box to play for England against India in 1964, “”I don’t care if Cowdrey and Parfitt are flying out as replacements. If I make 50 or above in either innings, I’m damned if I’ll stand down for Calcutta.”
3 Who ran his own team, the Malta Maniacs, and died of Legionnaire’s Disease?
4 Whose voice was described by Dylan Thomas as “A sound like Uncle Tom Cobleigh reading Neville Cardus to faraway natives”
5 Whose first two test wickets in 1984 were Gordon Greenidge and Viv Richards but finished with 4 wickets at 93.25 each ?
6 Whose writing style was described as “half way between the 10 commandments and Enid Blyton” and was famously so unwilling to leave London it is thought that he visited Leicester and Northampton only once?
7 Whose TV credits, although not as a contestant, included both Miss World and Come Dancing ?
8 Whose off break was described by John Arlott as “not merely his bread and butter but his staff of life” ?
9 Who took an Etonian’s third in History from New College, joined the family coffee import business before World War II, took a commission in the Grenadier Guards and was awarded the MC in the aftermath of D-Day ?
10 Was named after Woody Guthrie’s son ?

Round 7 – Slow bowlers

1 Who, according to his wife, “had a reputation for being arrogant and difficult because he was arrogant and difficult”
2 Who, reputedly while drunk, either bowled at the sightscreen, mistaking the large white shape for a Middlesex batsman, or urinated on the wicket, or both, and was helped from the field “and out of first class cricket” by Lord Hawke ?
3 Which off spinner bagged two consecutive pairs in Tests in 1984, facing 42 balls in total before getting out to Garner, Harper, Marshall and Holding respectively ?
4 Who was the last specialist leg spinner to play for England until Ian Salisbury and scored a 44 minute hundred for his county against the 1975 Australians which won the Lawrence trophy ?
5 Of whom was it said that England “carried him like an umbrella, in case of rain” and who scored his maiden first class century in 1984 at the age of 39 ?
6 When the crowd at Brisbane in 1982 released a pig onto the outfield, it had Botham painted on one side, and which spinner’s name on the other ?
7 Who in 1977 nearly took a hat trick on debut, only for Mike Brearley to recall Iqbal Qasim because he was unsure whether the catch had carried to him at slip ?
8 Who recently compared his own catching style to that of Edward Scissorhands ?
9 Was awarded one of the first batch of 12 central contracts in 2000 but only played 2 Tests and never took a wicket ?
10 Played 21 Tests between 1996 and 2001 for what he called “The British Lions” ?

Round 6 – New ball bowlers

1 Who said after watching a black and white film of himself “I’d have looked even faster in colour.”
2 Whose arrival at the crease at No. 11 for Leicestershire with 20 needed to save the follow on against Surry led by a whirlwind Sylvester Clarke prompted David Gower to say “I just can’t do it” and declare ?
3 Who, in 1954, is thought to be the only English bowler to have bowled a ball which was so fast and lifted so violently that it hit the sightscreen behind the wicketkeeper on the full going for 6 byes ?
4 Who played three Tests in the 1990s, was described by Australians as “the rat who joined the sinking ship” and consumed 72 pints of Guinness in 48 hours on team mate Steve Marsh’s stag weekend ?
5 Which poet and son of a clergyman was born in Peopleton ? [Note to readers: this is the village in Worcestershire where Turl CC played on tour from c.1998-2012]
6 Was unable to tie his touring MCC tie because of Klippel-Feil syndrome, which causes the fusion of the cervical vertebrae ?
7 In 1979 had the new Lord’s bowling machine named after him because it used to break down so regularly ?
8 With which No 11 did coach David Lloyd make a bet – “You get 30 and I’ll buy you 30 pints of Guinness”. On an all time high score of 24, the batsman shouted to the dressing room “Get em in” at which point he was yorked by Wasim Akram.
9 Who when on loan to Somerset from Lancashire in 2012 got lost trying to find Taunton, which was summed up by a commentator as typical of his bowling – “Tries to find the right area but could actually be anywhere” ?
10 Which qualified helicopter pilot was skilled at fixing his team mates equipment with his Swiss Army knife, in particular Alec Stewart’s wicket keeping gloves and Nasser Hussain’s TV ?

Round 5 – Wicket keepers


1 Played two tests against India in 1993, took 2 catches and scored 7 runs in four innings (av 1.75) and later wrote an autobiography called Taking it from behind ?
2 Played football for Bradford City several times in the late 1960s and early 1970s ?
3 Drove to matches zipped in a sleeping bag with the bottom cut out to avoid getting a chill in his back and had a wooden block under the accelerator to avoid straining his Achilles tendon ?
4 Currently turns a not quite blind eye to the investment portfolios of the aristocracy at J P Morgan Cazenove ?
5 Was recruited from the hospitality tent aged 44 to cover for the injured Bruce French against New Zealand in 1986 at Lord’s, two years after his retirement ?
6 Working for Ladbrokes, was responsible for setting the odds of 500-1 against England at Headingley in 1981 ?
7 Has scored one more 100 (8) than Matt Prior ?
8 Was christened Clifton James ?
9 Chose his one day squad number (4) because it was worn by his footballing hero, John Hollins ?
10 Lives most of the year in Cyprus, keeping up his exercise regime with swimming, tennis and dancing at an ex-pat bar called the Frog and Toad ?

Round 4 – All rounders

All the answers are the names of players who have filled the all rounder’s role for England, with varying degrees of success.



Played one Test in South Africa in 1999-2000, made a pair, took 0-63 and didn’t take a catch ?


Injured his back in 1982 when a chair collapsed under him as he was putting some complimentary tickets in envelopes ?


Of his 21 Test wickets between 1987 and 1990, dismissed Viv Richards three times ?


Shaved his head and then got sunstroke in 1994 ?


Took 4-53 in Pakistan’s first innings on debut at Edgbaston in 1982 sharing the new ball with Ian Botham but took no more wickets in his brief 2 test career ?


According to his then trouser manufacturer was “a big unit who likes to get very animated when he is appealing, which puts extra duress on the crotch area of his trousers.”


Failed to recognise Don Bradman and asked him to carry his luggage at Adelaide airport in 1974 ?


Played 4 Tests in the 1990s and top scored v WI with 82*, putting on an unbeaten 80 for the 10th wicket with Richard Illingworth. When asked for a comment as to the motive for captain Atherton’s declaration said “He’s a red isn’t he and he didn’t want a Bolton lad to steal the show.”


Said on being dropped again, “Wait till the world champions turn up, then I’ll be in again” and played 15 of his 24 Tests against WI, scoring 2 unbeaten 100s ?


When first selected in 1966 let the selectors believe he was 31, but was in fact at least 35 and may have been 38 ?

Round 3 – Opening batsmen



When run out by a team mate for slow scoring sat with his head under a towel muttering “What am I doing ? Playing with children ?”


After making 0 in the second innings of his debut Test v SA in 1998 guarded against fate by refusing to allow his daughter to play with plastic ducks in the bath, but only played one further Test anyway ?


Was described by Gideon Haigh as “an ersatz opening batsman [between 1980 and 1984], who did not so much score runs as smuggle them out by stealth…” and who had “that Trevor Baileyesque quality of making every ditch a last one.”


Gave as his favourite meal “Sausages, chips, sausages, toast, sausages, beans, sausages, cheese, sausages, eggs and the occasional sausage”?


Was the first batsman for 60 years to be given out obstructing the field in a game in England, for Surrey against Gloucestershire in 2011 ?


Was the batsman given out the same way in 1951, this time for England v South Africa ?


Is thought to be the only spectator who witnessed Hanif Mohammed’s 499 (as a 10 year old schoolboy) and Lara’s 501* (as a county coach) ?


Whose citation as one of Wisden’s cricketers of the century in 2000 read “He was never as dominant as Bradman; he never wanted to be. But his contemporaries were in awe of his ability to play supremely and at whim, whatever the conditions.”


Scored almost 1000 runs at just under 70 in his first 11 Tests but was blown away by Joel Garner, Patrick Patterson and Malcolm Marshall in 1986, scoring 72 in 8 innings ?


Was dismissed first ball 3 times in 212 innings, lbw to Curtly Ambrose, lbw to Fanie de Villiers and caught behind by Mark Boucher off Shaun Pollock ?

Round 2 – Chair of selectors



Stood as the Conservative candidate against Jim Callaghan in Cardiff South East in 1964 and once declared an innings closed whilst at Brighton racecourse ?


Treated Lords like a second home, having his own set of keys to the Lords pavilion but thought that the Aborigines he saw on tour in Australia in 1936-7 were “a ghastly sight and the sooner they die out the better” ?


Was the Chair of Selectors about whom Geoff Boycott said “he should have spelt his name with an A” after dropping Boycott for slow scoring in 1967 ?


With his brother JWH, was never beaten at Eton Fives and won the National Championship between 1951 and 1953, and married Victoria Gilligan, daughter of Arthur Gilligan, the England captain was toured Australia in 1924-5 under MI5 surveillance because of his Fascist connections ?


Was a founder member in 1975 of Ross and Norris McWhirter’s Freedom Association, and objected to the Commonwealth Gleneagles Declaration which outlawed sporting contacts with South Africa saying “What’s a bloody golf course got to do with it ?”


Learned to bat in the 1870s in a marble corridor in Trinidad, where his father was Attorney General, against the bowling of a servant named Hummingbird ?


Served in the Boer War, was an MP for 11 years, was Governor of Bengal, surviving an assassination attempt in Calcutta in 1932 and died of complications from a broken leg in 1947, having been run over in Hyde Park by a taxi ?


Once had to retrieve a six hit off his own bowling from a bowl of coleslaw and proceeded to complain to the Yorkshire committee that their decision to shorten the straight boundary to accommodate another sponsor’s tent was the reason why the batsman wasn’t caught at long on ?


Was player manager of the 1990 rebel tour to South Africa, rather upstaged by the release in February of Nelson Mandela and later Durham’s first captain when they were given first class status in 1991?


Was the first England Chair of Selectors in 1899, responsibility for selection until then resting with the county committee where the match was to be played, and said in 1925 “Pray God no professional shall ever captain England.” ?

Round 1 – Skippers



Was inducted into the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame alongside Billy Bremner ?


Was described by Phil Parkes as “too short and fat to make the grade as a goalkeeper at QPR” ?


Put a helmet at midwicket in a county match to try to persuade a batsman to play across the line to score penalty runs ?


Chose a Ku Klux Klan outfit for his fancy dress on England’s tour in 1986-7 and went on two rebel tours of South Africa?


Sent a telegram to Philip Mead while he was batting for Hampshire saying “Too slow. Get out at once”


After being struck full on in the chest by Michael Holding replied to county colleague Viv Richards’ concern for his health with a loud “Fuck off” ?


Chose a ukulele as the one object to take to the Desert Island in 1969 ?


Currently holds the record for the most Tests as captain (9) without taking a catch ?


Was given his nickname by Ray East because his winklepickers had begun to curl up at the toes due to wear ?


Took more Test wickets while skipper (77) than any other England Test captain ?

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TouchlineDad to three sporty kids; cricket blogger and coach; and the alpha male in our pride.

48 responses to “The great Turl CC after dinner cricket quiz”

  1. backwatersman says :

    Off the top of my head … 1. Denness? (don’t think BB would have seen eye-to-eye with Jardine) 2. Gatting? (Though would have been equally true of Cowdrey) 3. Brearley. 4. Emburey, I think (though I suppose he was just being thrifty re-using the KKK outfit) 5. Tennyson 6. Close probably (though could conceivably be Botham) 7. Rachel Heyhoe-Flint? Tennyson was an enthusiastic if unskilled jazz drummer, but don’t think he doubled up on uke 8. No idea. Willis? 9. Fletcher 10. Dunno. Greig?

  2. Allan D says :

    Error in Q3 (Round 2). Boycott was dropped after his 246* in the 1st Test v. India at Headingley in 1967 not 1965. It was K.F. Barrington who was dropped after his 137 v. New Zealand in the 1st Test at Edgbaston in 1965. The Chairman of Selectors was the same in both instances though.

    • chrisps says :

      Thank you, Allan. We’ll need you on your mettle as the quiz progresses – question setter, Dave Barclay, did concede: “The only thing I would say is that some of the anecdotes behind some questions may be of dubious provenance.”

      • Allan D says :

        Barrington who replaced Boycott as opener in the next Test at Lord’s and made 97 in just over 4 hours and Dennis Amiss who replaced Boycott in the side and made 29 in 82 minutes both made their runs at a slower rate than Boycott had at Headingley.

        Boycott was restore to the side for the 3rd Test at Edgbaston where he opened the England innings with Colin Milburn whom Insole had dropped the previous season for poor fielding despite the fact that Milburn was at the time England’s leading runscorer. At least noone ever accused Ollie of slow scoring!

  3. Brian Carpenter says :

    Sadly I fear my (mostly tentative) answers will bear a strong similarity to those of the great Backwatersman:

    1. Must be Denness
    2. Gatting
    3. Brearley
    4. Emburey
    5. Tennyson
    6. Close
    7. Pass
    8. Pass
    9. Fletcher (‘The Gnome’)
    10.Let’s go for Willis

  4. Allan D says :

    Round 1:
    1.M.H.Denness 2. M.W.Gatting 3. J.M.Brearley 4. G.A.Gooch? 5. L.H.Tennyson 6. D.B.Close 7. Rachel Heyhoe-Flint (though it was 1969 not 1979) 8. I.T.Botham 9.K.W.R.Fletcher 10. R.G.D.Willis

    • chrisps says :

      8/10, with a bonus you can cash in later for correcting the date on the Rachel Heyhoe-Flint question. No.8 has yet to be answered correctly.

      • Allan D says :

        Thought you’d already given the answer as Tony Lewis who captained in his first 8 Tests on the 1972-3 tour of India & Pakistan which the regular England captain, Ray Illingworth, opted out of (a fairly common procedure then but the last occasion it occurred).

        He played his 9th Test, and sole appearance in England (though he had been 12th man versus the West Indies at The Oval 7 years earlier so presumably brought on the drinks) at Trent Bridge in the 1st Test against New Zealand making 2 in each innings. Although he was selected for the next Test at Lord’s he withdrew from consideration due to injury and retired from first-class cricket at the end of that season.

      • chrisps says :

        I met AR Lewis at Old Trafford 7 or 8 years ago. He looked around the room we were in and said he remembered it as the Amateur dining room. On his first visit with Glamorgan, down from Cambridge, he was not out at lunch and went up to the dining room with his pads still on. He was met by a waiter who offered him a sherry on a tray. Lewis said he was too surprised to turn it down.

  5. Allan D says :

    Round 2:

    1. E.R. Dexter

    2. G.O.B. Allen

    3. D.J. Insole

    4. P.B.H. May

    5. A.V. Bedser

    6. Lord Harris

    7. F.S. Jackson

    8. R. Illingworth

    9. D.A. Graveney

    10. Lord Hawke.

  6. backwatersman says :

    1. Dexter 2. Dear old Gubby 3. Doug Insole (have some sympathy with his position re. Boycott) 4. Peter May 5. Alec Bedser 6. Plum Warner 7. Jacker (Hon. F.S. Jackson) 8. Dunno. Sounds like Freddie Brown 9. Geoff Cook 10. Lord Hawke

  7. backwatersman says :

    Round 3. (Some of these are a bit recent for me). 1. Boycott 2. Don’t remember the ducks but might be S. James? 3. Tavare 4. Presumably Marcus “Sausages” Trescothick, though if you throw in some fried bread, black pudding and a few pints it could also be Colin Milburn 5. Pass 6. Len Hutton 7. Woolmer? who I thought grew up in India, so not sure what he was doing in Pakistan 8. Jack Hobbs 9. Maybe Tim Robinson (who is now a first-class Umpire, so everything worked out happily in the end) and 10. Given the number of games played and the period I’d guess Atherton or Stewart. Atherton?

  8. Brian Carpenter says :

    1. Boycott
    2. Steve James
    3. Tavaré
    4. Milburn
    5. Ramprakash
    6. Hutton
    7. Woolmer
    8. Hobbs
    9. Tim Robinson
    10. Atherton

  9. Allan D says :

    Round 3

    1. G.Boycott

    2. S.P.James

    3. C.J.Tavare

    4. G.A.Gooch

    5. M.R.Ramprakash

    6. L.Hutton

    7. R.A.Woolmer

    8. J.B.Hobbs

    9. R.T.Robinson

    10. M.A.Atherton.

  10. Brian Carpenter says :

    I’m back. At work, no Wisdens to hand and won’t use Cricinfo, so, from memory:

    1. Gavin Hamilton
    2. Derek Pringle
    3. Let’s try David Capel
    4. Chris Lewis
    5. Pass (but will kick myself when I find out the answer)
    6. Botham, surely?
    7. Tony Greig
    8. Mike Watknson
    9. Peter Willey
    10.Basil D’Oliveira

  11. Brian Carpenter says :

    Just thought, is 5 Ian Greig?

  12. backwatersman says :

    Struggling badly here. Tempted to reply Irani to all questions, as per Aaoronovitch on University Challenge.

    1. Didn’t remember this one, but think Brian C. is right that it was Hamilton.
    2. Pring
    3. No idea, but Capel has to appear somewhere so I’ll go with him.
    4. Lewis (soon to return to Leics CCC to restore a bit of sanity to the club, I’m told)
    5. No idea at all. Ian Greig’s about the only dubious all rounder I can think of who’s not the answer to another question so he’s my answer.
    6. Could be anyone from W.G. Grace to IRANI, but the period slang “big unit” suggests Flintoff.
    7. Must be Tony Greig? Only other all rounder was Titmus, who was only just too young to have bowled at Bradman.
    8. IRANI! (“Red” = Man U. fan, not communist)
    9. Willey had every right to say this, if it was him.
    10. Dolly.

    • chrisps says :

      Surprisingly, Irani was not the answer to any of the questions. 8/10 – Brian was right about Hamilton and ‘Winker’ Watkinson is presumably (though we don’t care) a United fan. I like the process of deduction by which you identified Flintoff from amongst the candidates.
      In which capacity will Lewis be returning to Leicestershire?

      • backwatersman says :

        Entertainments Manager? Lot of calls at the moment for a former Leicestershire legend to return and inject a bit of life into the side, though I think most are hoping for Simmons or Nixon rather than CCL.

  13. backwatersman says :

    Second wind now …

    1. Richard Blakey
    2. David Bairstow
    3. Presumably Jack Russell? Not aware of these particular eccentricities.
    4. Paul Downton (clue a bit off?)
    5. Bob Taylor, I think
    6. Godfrey Evans
    7. Les Ames
    8. Jack Richards
    9. Alec Stewart?
    10. Alan Knott

  14. Brian Carpenter says :

    Late with the keepers. I promise I haven’t read the answers (which may become obvious):

    1.Richard Blakey
    2. David Bairstow
    3. Jack Russell?
    4. Paul Downton
    5. The one and only Bob Taylor
    6. Godfrey Evans
    7. Les Ames
    8. ‘Jack’ Richards
    9. Alec Stewart? (Chelsea fan of the right sort of vintage)
    10. Alan Knott

    Russell seems a reasonable bet for 3, although I don’t recall hearing about those particular eccentricities before. I once observed him dining with John Woodcock in a Port Elizabeth hotel restaurant. Woodcock was eating a normal meal but Russell simply munched his way through about twelve bananas and then topped it off with a bowl of Weetabix.

  15. Brian Carpenter says :

    Sorry, I misread your tweet. The keeper answers haven’t been posted yet so I couldn’t have read them even if I’d wanted to.

  16. backwatersman says :


    1. Fred Trueman
    2. Les Taylor
    3.Tyson – though Charles Kortright is meant to have done this as well.
    4. Martin McCague
    5. John Snow
    6. Gladstone Small
    7. Chris Old (though not sure how they referred to the bowling machine – “Chilly”?)
    8. Alan Mullaly
    9. I’d guess Saj Mahmood
    10. Andy Caddick

    • Allan D says :

      Curiously although Kortright took 489 wickets in 170 fc matches @ 21 apiece he never appeared in Tests.

      If D”Oliveira was 38 when he made his debut against the West Indies at Lord’s in 1966 – a match I well remember – when his Worcestershire team-mate Tom Graveney was recalled to the England side at the age of 39 after a gap of 3 1/2 years and Cowdrey was restored to the England captaincy after a gap of 4 years (although that was only a one-off Test v. Pakistan) – that would have made him the oldest England debutant since Arthur Wood, the Yorkshire wicket-keeper, who was 39 when he made his debut v. Australia in Hutton’s Match at The Oval in 1938 after Les Ames had withdrawn through injury.

      When Dolly finished his Test career in 1972 a 7-year addition would have made him the oldest England Test cricketer since Gubby Allen captained in the West Indies in 1948 aged 45 and the oldest to play in England since Bert Strudwick who was 46 when he played in The Oval Test v. Australia in 1926. His record would have been overtaken by Brian Close 4 years later who was 45 when he played in the first 3 Tests of the series against the West indies.

      Tony Lewis also played in Sir Alec Bedser’s final game for Surrey at The Oval in August 1960.

    • chrisps says :

      Another DG Max! You’re really into your stride, now.

  17. backwatersman says :

    Been drinking to get in the mood since 22nd, so thought processes become confused … but

    1. Edmonds
    2. Bobby Peel. Apparently added “such a gentleman!” to description of Lord H. escorting him off the field. Debate rages as to whether he was being sarcastic.
    3. Reduced to cheating here. Surprised they sent the poor old thing in as nightwatchman.
    4. Robin Hobbs. Was it Hobbs or Ray East who rode a bicycle across the outfield? Most humorous side in recent cricket history, supposedly.
    5. Underwood. Would he have taken so many wickets on covered pitches? Discuss.
    6. Hemmings.
    7. Again reduced to cheating. Had no memory of him playing Tests.
    8. Think it’s Panesar.
    9. Schofield.
    10. Croft? Someone Welsh anyway. Not a bad description, actually. “British and Irish and South African and Zimbabwean Lions”, perhaps.

    • chrisps says :

      8/10 Underwood on covered pitches? Underwood on covered pitches with DRS?
      I think Cope only played on the 1977/78 tour. Very limited TMS coverage, I recall. Maybe just one session per day (that or I had to go to school and missed the rest.)

  18. Brian Carpenter says :

    Catching up:

    Round 6:

    1. Fred Trueman?
    2. Jonathan Agnew
    3. Frank Tyson
    4. Martin McCague
    5. John Snow
    6. Pass
    7. Chris Old?
    8. Pass
    9. Saj Mahmood
    10. Andy Caddick

    Round 7:

    1. Phil Edmonds
    2. Bobby Peel
    3. Pat ‘Percy’ Pocock
    4. Robin Hobbs
    5. Derek Underwood
    6. Eddie (Hemmings)
    7. Geoff Cope
    8. Pass
    9. Chris Schofield
    10. Robert Croft

    Round 8:

    1. Pass
    2. Henry Blofeld
    3. Bill Frindall
    4. John Arlott?
    5. Jonathan Agnew
    6. E.W.Swanton?
    7. The great Peter West
    8. Ray Illingworth?
    9. Brian Johnston
    10. Arlo White

    Round 9:

    1. Andy Lloyd (1)
    2. James Whitaker (1)
    3. Arnie Sidebottom (1)
    4. John Childs (2?)
    5. Paul Terry (2?)
    6. John Stephenson (1)
    7. Roland Butcher? (2?)
    8. Pass (but will kick myself when I find out who it is)
    9. Pass (but will kick myself even harder when I find out who it is)
    10. Tony ‘Lester’ Pigott (1)

    Total must be about 15.

    An aside to answer 5 in Round 7 is that the day before he scored his maiden ton at the age of 39 Derek Underwood was interviewed on TV during a Sunday League game (in which, from memory, he took 6 for 12 or something ridiculous), and, when asked about the possibility of scoring a hundred the next day (he was not out overnight from the Saturday) laughed and dismissed it out of hand (and I don’t think he was being modest).

    • chrisps says :

      Round 6: 7/10 – not your strongest against the quicks.
      Round 7: 9/10 – more comfortable with the slow stuff.
      Round 8: 8/10
      Round 9: 8/10 – that was a toughie. Don’t go kicking yourself over Graham Stevenson and Alan Igglesden. They’re not worth it.
      Very fine effort over all. Well done and thanks.

  19. backwatersman says :

    I think we’re approaching the stage of the evening when anyone with any sense has gone home and I’m about to fall face first in the trifle, but …

    1. Think it’s Richie Benaud (it’s the savoir faire and je ne sais quoi)
    2. Blofeld
    3. Frindall
    4. Arlott
    5. Agnew
    6. Swanton (Arlott said this – another version has “Book of Revelation and Enid Blyton”)
    7. Peter West
    8. Could be Jim Laker
    9. Brian Johnston
    10. Presumably Arlo White. Not sure why anyone would name their son after Arlo Guthrie. Perhaps they meant “Arlott” but the registrar’s biro ran out of ink?

  20. backwatersman says :

    Coming into the final straight, like Devon Loch (not sure I’d have recognised some of these in their prime, to be honest) –

    1. Andy Lloyd
    2. The only I’d know instantly – our own James Whitaker
    3. Annoying, because he seems familiar, but don’t know.
    4. Can’t see him, but think Arnie Sidebottom must come into it somewhere, so I’ll go with him.
    5. V.P. Terry
    6. Judging by where he’s standing and the look on his face, John Stephenson.
    7. Must be Roland Butcher.
    8. Looks like a dubious mixture of David Mellor and Michael Henderson, but I think it’s Graham Stevenson.
    9. Don’t know. Maybe a very odd photo of Neal Radford?
    10. Tony Pigott

    • chrisps says :

      A very creditable 7/10 (if recognising grown-up pictures of marginal England cricketers of 30 years ago – when you weren’t following cricket – could be something of credit. Which it is).
      Your stamina is impressive with all 9 rounds completed. Well done and thank you.

      • backwatersman says :

        Thanks to you – it’s been very diverting. I think I was taking an interest again by the time most of these were in action. The period’s that very hazy is about 1978-83. Ask me what happened at Headingley in ’81 and I’d be struggling.

  21. backwatersman says :

    Collective caps – 15?

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