Archive | September 22, 2014

Turl Cricket Quiz – part 1

Turl CC quiz master, Dave Barclay, compiled trivia tests for both the southern and northern legs of the club’s annual (non-playing) tour in September. In common with the club, we begin with the south – 11 questions: one answer to number 1; two answers to number 2, etc.

Good luck and please submit suggested answers, requests for clues, complaints or corrections in the comments. The official, Barclay-approved answers will feature in a post later this week.

1. Who is the only cricketer to have captained both the Gentlemen and the Players?

2. Australians hold the record for most Test runs scored at two grounds in England and Wales. Name both grounds and both batsmen.

3. Derbyshire’s T20 team has had three nicknames. What are they?

4. Four men have taken more than one Test hat-trick. Who are they?

5. Which five left-arm bowlers have taken the most Test wickets for the West Indies?

6. Six different bank teams have won either the Quaid-e-Azam trophy or the Patron’s Trophy in Pakistani domestic cricket. Name them.

7. Seven cricketers have captained the England men’s ODI team, but not the Test team. Who are they?

8. When Bob Willis bowled England to victory at Headingley in 1981, Graeme Wood was caught behind off Botham, Border was bowled by Old and Alderman was not out. Who were the eight Australians Willis dismissed ?

9. Lara scored 400 in a Test match. There are nine first class scores higher than this. What are they and who scored them?

10. Ten Grahams or Graemes have played Test cricket for England. Who are they?

11. Which eleven words (excluding “of”) comprised Ranji’s full title at the time of his death?