Short pitch: and we’re off

One accident report (no lasting damage).

Two late coaches.

Three lost balls.

Four missed calls on my phone as 6 o’clock approached.

5km of walking and running with and between practice groups.

Six.. seven.. yes! eight players confirmed for Wednesday’s under 9 pairs match.

92 brand new club shirts gone astray.

These are the vital statistics of the first day of the junior cricket season. I’m shattered, but a couple of hours after the session, which was attended by nearly 100 boys and girls, and helped by a bottle of Blue Moon from the George Wright Brewery, my anxiety levels have dropped and I am feeling satisfied: we’re off – the season is under way.

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TouchlineDad to three sporty kids; cricket blogger and coach; and the alpha male in our pride.

2 responses to “Short pitch: and we’re off”

  1. David Oram says :

    Triumph in the face of adversity.

    That’s what Junior cricket practice is all about!

    • chrisps says :

      David, it did feel like that yesterday, but the turn-out was excellent and the weather wonderful, so a successful start to the season. Chris

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