Turl cricket quiz 2015

Turl CC’s quiz master, Dave Barclay, challenged the team with 20 rounds of questions at the most recent Friday 13th gathering. For Declaration Game readers, 18 rounds are provided (the musical rounds have been excluded – for copyright reasons, of course).

Answers will be supplied early in the New Year. The organisers will be happy to engage in correspondence. Leave your comments, compliments and complaints below.

The quiz starts with five picture rounds.

Round 1 – Who’s who in tattoos?

cric quiz tats-page-001


Round 2 – West Indies Test cricketers

cric quiz WI-page-001


Round 3 – 1981 remembered – who are they?

cric quiz 1981-page-001


Round 4 – Training regimes – whose?

cric quiz smoke-page-001


Round 5 – Zimbabwe Test cricketers

cric quiz Zim-page-001


Round 6 – The Ians

Ian Peebles was the first Ian to play Test cricket for England in 1930. Not including Ian Botham, since then a further 6 Ian’s have played for England in Tests. Who are they?

Round 7 – Five fors

Of England Test bowlers who have taken 5 wickets in an innings (5WI) more than 10 times, the best six in terms of ratio per match played are shown below. Who are they?

24 5WI in 27 matches. Ratio 1 per 1.13 matches. BB 9-103

11 5WI in 14 matches. Ratio 1 per 1.27 matches. BB 8-94

15 5WI in 51 matches. Ratio 1 per 3.40 matches. BB 7-44

17 5WI in 60 matches. Ratio 1 per 3.53 matches. BB 6-65

13 5WI in 46 matches. Ratio 1 per 3.54 matches. BB 8-53

27 5WI in 102 matches. Ratio 1 per 3.78 matches. BB 8-34

Round 8 – #SPoY

6 cricketers have finished in the top three for BBC Sports Personality of the Year. Who are they?

1st 2005, 2nd 2004

3rd 1990

1st 1981, 2nd 1985 and 1979, 3rd 1978

2nd 1977

1st 1975

1st 1956

Round 9 – A mixed bag

What reason did Phil Edmonds give for why he made a habit of walking back to his mark in reverse, still facing the batsman?

For which team would you be playing if your skipper told you “you are in the Rogers this week”, and why is it so-called?

Two England off-spinners have scored the most Test 50s (10) without ever scoring a Test 100. Who are they?

The record for most Test 50s without a Test 100 is 16 (HS 97) held by an Indian opening batsman of the 1970s. Who is he?

Who is the England 20/20 team’s most frequent captain (30 matches)?

Round 10 – T20I

The batting and bowling profiles of English players with the most T20I caps are shown below (as at early Sept 2015). Who are they?

56 matches 118 runs @ 7.37
65 wickets econ 7.6 21 catches

52 matches 1225 runs @ 29.87
No bowling 22 catches

51 matches 759 runs @ 18.97
18 wickets econ 8.5 14 catches

39 matches 104 runs @ 20.80
51 wickets econ 6.4 5 catches

38 matches 711 runs @ 28.44
16 wickets econ 7.2 7 catches

38 matches 527 runs @ 21.08
No bowling 10 catches/1 stumping

Round 11 – “Make it a Daddy”

Name the three English Test players who scored only one Test century, but it was a double. These centuries were scored in 1903 (on debut), 1974 and 2002.

Imtiaz Ahmed was the first Test No 8 to score a double century in 1955. Another Pakistani did so in 1996, scoring 257* v Zim. Who was he?

Apart from the debutant in 1903 above, the next highest score on Test debut is 222* for SA v Ban in 2003. By whom?

Bradman has most Test scores of 200+ with 12. Who follows him with 11, most recently in January 2015?

Round 12 – Another mixed bag

The two English players in an ODI who combined as catcher and bowler to dismiss Aaron Finch in 2015 matched the dismissal in an ODI of Rod Marsh in 1979. How were both Finch and Marsh dismissed ?

Only one English player has scored more than one Test century batting at No 8 or lower. Who is it?

Which Essex all rounder, with 1 50s (HS 68) and 70 first class wickets (BB 5-73), had try-outs for 6 major league baseball teams as a pitcher and is now an international fast bowling coach?

One Englishman has more ducks (2) than runs (1) in Tests. 3 Tests, 3 innings, 1 run, average 0.33. His run was scored at Chittagong in 2003. Who is he?

He played 8 Tests & 4 ODIs for England in 1978, scored 2 Test & 1 ODI century, averaged 48.10 in Tests and 83.33 in ODIs, but never played for England again. Who is he?

Which 2015 Ashes hero has the International number of the beast (666)?

Round 13 – Century conversions

Of batsmen who have scored more than 10 Test centuries, which six have scored more 100s than 50s?

30x100s, 29x50s for Aus. HS 380

28x100s, 27x50s for Aus. HS 329*

29x100s, 13x50s for Aus. HS 334

22x100s, 21x50s for Ind. HS 199

15x100s, 14x50s for WI. HS 220

10x100s, 5x50s for WI. HS 270*

Round 14 – The KP round

About whom was Kevin Pietersen speaking when he
(or his ghost-writer) used these descriptions?

“The Ned Flanders of the England set up … tactically inept”

“A sad sad bastard”

“A Dairylea triangle who thinks he is a Brie”

“A triple espresso of a coach … unbelievably intense”

“A lower order batsman with a Test average of less than 20”

Someone who “thinks big and achieves big” and who just “wanted to be valued and respected”

Round 15 – Yet another mixed bag

Which Australian opener had both a tattoo and personalised number plate of what he supposed to be his International number (326), before realising that fellow debutant Brendon Julian’s surname came alphabetically before his and therefore his true number was 327?

He played 250 matches for Notts between 1973 and 1988 and last year received a 2 year suspended sentence for possession of 37 cannabis plants. Who is he?

Which current player has the most English Test wickets with only one 5-for. 72 wickets @ 32.73 BB 5-48

Mascarenhas, Hales and Bresnan have 3 20/20 ducks for England. One man has 9. Who is it?

Steve Borthwick and Gareth Batty are the only English International 20/20 bowlers to … what?

Of English batsmen who have scored over 1000 ODI runs, only one averages more than 50 (51.25). Who is it?

Round 16 – Agonisingly close

These English batsman ended their innings a boundary short of a maiden Test 100 and never came close again. Who are they?

95 Sydney 1983

97 Adelaide 1979

98 Karachi 1987

98* Old Trafford 1982

99 Auckland 1988

99* Edgbaston 1999

Round 17 – Pakistani connections

Identify these 6 Pakistani Test cricketers from the teams they played for and their role. The second name of each answer is the first name of the next.

Off spinner : Ireland, Islamabad Cricket Assn,Lahore Badshahs, Pakistan International Airways, Surrey, Sussex

Middle order batsman & leg breaks : Karachi, Northants, PIA, Shropshire

Fast bowler : Asian XI, Delhi Daredevils, Khan Research Labs, Lahore Division, Leicestershire, National Bank, Sheikhupura Cricket Assn., Sialkot Cricket Assn.

All rounder : Hyderabad, Karachi, Kent, National Bank, PIA

Slow left arm : Karachi, National Bank, Sind

Opening bat : Cumberland, Karachi, Muslim Commercial Bank, Sind

Round 18 – Name the prodders

cric quiz fordef-page-001


All the answers can be found here.


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