The wisdom of crowds – batting survey

Batting survey-page-001The start of a new season and good intentions. In this case, the intention I am trying to act on – and to which I would appreciate you contributing your wisdom – is making net sessions purposeful.

My target audience is my club’s under 16 and under 14 cricketers. They have all played four seasons or more of cricket. Some have county or other representative experience.

My aim, in this case with batting, is to encourage them to be self-aware and to practice on the edge of their comfort zones.

I think most recreational cricketers will recognise that as a season progresses, nets can easily become where you practice what you are already ok at and repeat mistakes that you already had well-honed.

To help shape purposeful practice (in the nets or outside), I have drafted a survey which asks the player to assess their ability at a range of strokes and against different types of bowling. The survey also asks them to reflect on where they score runs and how they are dismissed. I want to use the results to shape the practice we design with the players, for the whole group and individuals. I may repeat the survey at the end of the season as a measure of progress.

You can view and are welcome to complete the batting survey here.

I would be interested in any feedback on:

  • content
  • structure
  • style
  • wording
  • length
  • appearance
  • general approach.

Thank you.


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One response to “The wisdom of crowds – batting survey”

  1. theteesra says :


    I might have started with the “where do you score runs?” and “how do you get out?” (the latter is often my opening question to a new player, in fact).

    Then perhaps challenge thinking with questions like “quick ball, leg stump – what do you do?” (better, perhaps “… – do you (a) pull it; (b) leg glance it; (c) block it; (d) get out of the way; (e) try something else?)

    Over the winter, I have mostly been trying to coach “intent” or “outcomes”, rather than “now play an off drive” it has been “hit it over there”. Seems to work with the young (7 & under) groups and 1-2-1s with CAG hopefuls that I coach.

    It means that I can (try to) focus on transferable “core principles” of stroke play (full face of bat to ball, energy/weight/momentum through the ball not across intended direction of stroke) rather than the differences between a cover drive and an on drive.

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