Declaration Game came into being at the end of the 2011 English cricket season as an outlet for a cricket obsession.

I talk about the blogging and cricket in this Reverse Swept Radio interview.

A selection of comments on Declaration Game:

I thought it [Ashley Giles owes me nothing] was an unusually good piece.

George Dobell, Senior Correspondent ESPNcricinfo

..a true labour on love

Chris Turpin, Executive Producer, National Public Radio

[It’s] often about some pretty esoteric things. It’s certainly unique.

Dare I say it, he’s approaching Moneyball territory [on What is an Opening Batsman?]

Nishant. Editor,

the blog is excellent. It’s a neat trick to be able to get personal stuff in with your reflections on wider sporting world –  when it works, like your blog does, it adds the sort of personal nuance that can be enlightening. More importantly, it’s an excellent read, which is all that really matters!

Nick Godfrey, International Editor, Racing post

I read Declaration Game to help me get to sleep at night.

Rick Halkon, Coaching and Sports Development Officer and Cheshire Coach of the Year

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My cricket pedigree

Playing honours: Cheshire County Cricket League – 4th XI Division 5 Champions, 2009

Cheshire County Cricket League – Over 40s North-East Group Champions, 2010 & 2011

Cheshire County Cricket League – Over 40s Play Off Winners, 2011

Representative honours: Buckinghamshire U12 v Northamptonshire U12, 1981

Cricket administration: Fixture Secretary, Turl CC (2001-12)

Qualifications: ECB Coach Award (UKCC 2)

Other awards: Cheshire Cricket Board Coach of the Year (2016)

Eddie Harrop Plate – Sale CC Clubman of the Year (2017)

Photographic credit: How did that one get through? George Franks

14 responses to “Profile”

  1. Norman Dugdale says :

    An interesting Blog indeed! just a shame about the cover picture of a left hander lunging forward and getting bowled WITH HIS SHIRT HANGING OUT!!
    Didn’t your ECB coaching course cover ‘being properly dressed’?

  2. Stuart Larner says :

    nice blog

    I have just published a cricket novel, an ebook, and I wonder if you would like to review it? What’s new about it is that it’s about a man who doesn’t like cricket who falls in love with a woman cricketer, and she tells him to resurrect a defunct cricket team. He is coached in this by a Sikh cricketer. It is set in modern times during the recession in Northern England.

    I can gift it to you , complete with synopsis and material for an author interview if you like.

    please let me know


    Stuart Larner

    read my new cricket novel:

  3. Stuart Larner says :

    it’s not too obvious about the shirt

  4. Stuart Larner says :

    Thanks for offering to undertake to review the book.

    First of all, you need to get a free Kindle App that you can download freely from Amazon.

    I presume that your local Amazon is rather than

    go to:

    or the similar page on if that’s what you get directed to.

    and download the free App for PC or Mac or iPad or whatever you’ve got.

    Next, download a few free classics to play with it and get the feel of using it.

    Then, email me back to confirm which Amazon site it is, and I will send you the right gift certificate that will work on it. I will also send you background material to help with your review. This will be author interview, synopsis, cover picture to post, excerpt to post if you want to. Let me know your email address. Mine is at the bottom of the page.

    There we are.

    I really do appreciate your help in getting the book out into the cricketing world. Thanks.


    slarner @ btinternet. com

    without the spaces obviously.

  5. Fabian Brown says :

    Hi Chris,

    I hope you don’t mind me making contact.

    I’m planning a campaign for a client and thought you might possibly be interested as we’re working with Freddie Flintoff and we’d love for you to be involved.

    Would you be happy for me to email you further details?

    Thank you


  6. Rockko says :

    Do you mind being part of Cricket Bleeds Family ??? We are planning to cover all Cricket playing nations. If interested ping back please!

  7. Aparna M Sridhar says :

    Hi Chris, Want to request permission to reproduce your article Concert Hall Cricket in Indian national classical magazine called Saamagaana The First Melody.

  8. Tim Cutler (@timcutler) says :

    Is that you being bowled at the Bat & Ball in Gravesend???

    • chrisps says :

      Tim, no it’s Urmston CC near Manchester. I did play Kent League cricket for a couple of seasons in the 1990s, but never appeared at Gravesend. Chris

  9. Ved says :

    hi, I am ved from India(hydrabad).

    I planning to start a cricket blog in India, as you have experience in blogging in cricket ,can you please give any suggestion for me in terms of blogging on cricket.

    • chrisps says :

      Ved, thanks for asking. There are many more successful bloggers than I am, whose opinion it would be worth seeking (Jarrod Kimber has some on-line materials on sports-writing

    • chrisps says :

      My advice would simply be to get into the habit of writing. Once in the habit, try different approaches. Be bold and above all do what you enjoy. Chris

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